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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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was, like, $55 million. but we can get that. yes. we are very happy because part of the reason there's a little bit of lag time is we do the assessments, and the other side is the one who collects the money. part of it is making sure we are constantly seeking up, and we are ecstatic that we can help cut out almost 20% of the $300 million deficit, save a lot of jobs. great. the only thing i was going to say was [inaudible] oh, yes. the only thing i would hold out is obviously, we have worked about 12,000 appeals this year, but we did hand out a chart of all the appeal still remaining. i think we still have about 6000 appeals still left. that is going to require a lot of time. the reason why this is important to note is that if we do not
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challenge the appeals, then the city would automatically lose all that money. it is tens of hundreds of -- potentially millions of dollars of tax revenue that we could be losing. we always make sure that we are constantly looking at that and making sure that everybody turn in their fair share to make sure that assessment is accurate. we still have about 6000 appeals left right now. >> [inaudible] >> we have two years to work the appeals. we anticipate getting most of these done this year, but there will still be more to get the next year. great. thank you so much for being here, and thank you for [inaudible]
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>> control room, we have no captioning or live feed here.
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